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The Truth Behind Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

Knowing The Truth Is Power

The internet is a great place to do research on just about everything, however, a person also has to be careful because the content can be influenced by personal motives, resulting in only half the story, or outright lies, in order to support the viewpoint or interests of the poster.

There is a LOT of information online about Melaleuca. The Wellness Company, which is no surprise considering Melaleuca is currently the fastest growing Direct Sales company in the world and reached #1 in the United States beating out Avon as the top Direct Sales company of the nation. Thousands of daily new customers are shopping for the first time at Melaleuca and the company now rocketing towards 3 Billion dollars in revenue annually. They are soon to enter into the top 1,000 companies of the world and has some 100,000 orders being placed daily. Scam or not, the statistics are quite impressive for a 35 year old company that has never advertised by traditional methods, no matter how you look at it. It's no wonder that some of the biggest names in manufacturing like Proctor & Gamble, etc... regularly approach Melaleuca in order to buy them out and eliminate the inroads Melaleuca is having on their profits.

These trend charts tell a very clear story of how interest in the company is soaring through the roof.

Is Melaleuca a legit business opportunity?
Can you make money with Melaleuca?

Melaleuca's position is a gold mine for people to capitalize on internet search results, and the fact that you are reading this is proof that it works. Sadly a "bait and switch" approach is used to grab attention of innocent people or those interested in a home based business opportunity. Simply put, people are using Melaleuca's search engine popularity as a means to get people to "join" THEIR business opportunity. They pretend to give an "honest" Melaleuca review as they list the pros and cons about the company with uninformed opinions, misrepresentations, or outright lies. The goal is to directly or subtly put Melaleuca in a bad light and then come to your rescue. Try it and see for yourself. Do an online search for terms like, "Melaleuca business opportunity", "Melaleuca work from home", "Melaleuca pyramid scheme", "is Melaleuca a scam", "is Melaleuca a legitimate business", etc..., and you will quickly see how sneaky people are. If people will stoop to such levels as a way to get people to look at their supposed incredible "business opportunity", what other deceptive methods will they use to take your money on their work at home sales pitch?

Is Melaleuca a pyramid scheme?

Here are a some website samples of the many popping up all over the place.  Note the similar wolf in sheep's clothing approaches as they claim to protect everyone from a scam. Sometimes even the wording shows examples of simply copying and pasting details from other pages engaged in the same misleading tactics:

Another reason for many of the inaccurate information found online about Melaleuca is due to the desperation of other company reps seeing the future of their company threatened. Melaleuca can afford to price their products usually about 50% less than what other companies charge. The result is dozens of companies over the years being forced to go out of business. How can Melaleuca do this? Because they do not use the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model. MLM companies have no choice but to charge two or three times more than Melaleuca for a similar product. How would you feel about Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, if they put your MLM business opportunity out of business after you likely invested thousands of dollars towards a garage full of inventory? 

These examples should help you get a clearer picture of why there is so much information online about Melaleuca.

Is Melaleuca a legal business opportunity?

So what are the facts about Melaleuca? About 90% of the millions who shop at their store do so regularly for an impressive offer of approximately 500 products. Some of these shop month after month, and year after year. They have no interest in being part of Melaleuca's referral system. In other words, their sole purpose for almost all members is shopping because they love the products and prices. That leaves only 10% who have an interest in generating an income with the company via their unique business model as some look to as a work from home business opportunity. The 10 to 1 ratio proves that there are real customers buying real products. In contrast, many MLM companies have very few real customers and walk a fine line between being a pyramid scheme versus a legitimate business. As an added incentive for shopping at Melaleuca, there are now some 2,000 online stores partnered with Melaleuca where those shopping get cash back. Stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy's, Target, Expedia, Priceline, and more.

Interestingly, a quick online search will result in such claims as, "ALL Melaleuca products suck!!! Melaleuca is a SCAM!!! Melaleuca is a PYRAMID scheme!!!! Melaleuca ships products and charges you without authorization!!!", "It's difficult to cancel your membership once you join", etc., etc., etc. Although it is rare for someone to cancel their account, the entire process, from putting in the request to Head Office closing the account, takes only minutes to implement. For such complaints found online, is it possible that some details were conveniently omitted in order to present a dishonest and inaccurate picture? Melaleuca provides very clear and simple instructions on how to close an account. The reality is that people just don't read and follow the simple instructions and then blame Melaleuca for their own error or oversight. 

The real scammers to expose are the online posters who have no idea about what Melaleuca really is and how it works. They clearly have never shopped at the store as they regurgitate half truth comments found online by the few who simply did not cancel their account as instructed. 

The only logical way to determine who is telling the truth about Melaleuca is to try their membership and products. Of course, why would you do that if Melaleuca and the products are a scam? If you personally doubt the products are real, feel free to visit Amazon's online store because Melaleuca products are being illegally sold there for 3 to 4 times what Melaleuca members pay. The only people buying the products from Amazon are those who don't know they can obtain them directly from Melaleuca at a fraction of the price. The only benefit searching Amazon's inventory of illegally sold Melaleuca products are the reviews people post. You will notice that all of Melaleuca's products are consistently given top ratings. That should explain why between some 100,000 people per day shop at the Melaleuca store. The company and products are real and people love them. There is nothing to lose in trying out a membership because Melaleuca has a 100%, no questions asked, 90 day money back guarantee...provided in writing. This means that there is no risk to those who try the work from home business who happened to purchase some products for personal use because the refund policy also applies to them as well.  

This website is packed with informative details about Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, the products, the membership, and the work from home business model. Its purpose is to simply state the facts. Many will find the details surprising, or at the very least, points will be clarified. For example, there are two types of membership explained, one is the optional free referral program, Melaleuca's unique business model, along with what experts say that differentiate Melaleuca from the MLM industry, and more.

Melaleuca's president, Frank L. Vandersloot, is often a subject of the news, including being presented with various awards. Here are a couple of news clips.  One is about the recent Horatio Alger Award and the other about a common perspective of his personality.  

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to open a shopping account, start an at home business, or both, arrangements for a free official Overview can be requested directly from Melaleuca Head Office at The Overview includes details about the company, products, price comparisons, and compensation plan for those interested in the referral income business model.

Alternatively, the easiest way to make contact is by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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