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Melaleuca Business Opportunity Referral Program

The Truth Behind Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

Residual Income From Referring Others

Unlike other "Business Opportunities" / "Work From Home Opportunities" there is no mandatory cost to get paid working with Melaleuca, therefore, absolutely no risk. You get paid every time a referred person shops, and over 96% of those who shopped last month will do so again this month. That is what creates a TRUE residual income. Although very rare to personally not shop at the store, it is not required to earn an income. There is no other Direct Sales type company like this anywhere.

With Melaleuca you simply get paid when those you refer shop at the store.


  • You are NOT a distributor.

  • You do NOT carry and sell inventory.  

  • You do NOT take orders or make deliveries.

  • You do NOT bill customers.

  • You do NOT collect money from customers.

Melaleuca takes care of ALL of this on your behalf. 

Melaleuca has paid out over 5.8 Billions dollars since 1985 to those wishing to refer others to the company. The result is a great work from home income opportunity that offers immediate compensation paid monthly for every referral who shopped during the previous month, plus a residual income based on the regular shopping of those customers on their subsequent months. There are also many generous bonuses that are part of the compensation plan. Currently over 96% of new customers will shop again the subsequent months, which creates what can only be described as true residual income.

Melaleuca Work from Home business opportunity

Compensation Plan

Note that the following is not an in-depth explanation of the compensation plan, nor does it get into every way that income is earned with the company. Simply stated, some ways in which commissions and bonuses earned are:

  • Every time a referred person shops, commission amounts range from 7% - 50% of the point value of the products purchased.

  • Over 46 one time bonuses are earned when reaching certain milestones of activity. For example, there is a very generous bonus of hundreds to thousands of dollars for the 8th, 10th, 11th customer, etc...

  • Leadership rewards are earned for helping others become successful.

  • A car bonus for reaching certain milestones are also part of Melaleuca's lucrative compensation plan. 

The most important factor to remember is Melaleuca's high repeat order rate, which makes their compensation plan the best anywhere. Those in MLM companies will claim that "their" company pays more, however, a true long term residual income can only be realized when there are real customers buying real products month after month without interest in referral income. The idea of a Pyramid Scheme more closely resembles what OTHER companies with their so called work from home business opportunity offers.

We highly recommend that you allow yourself to make an informed decision about Melaleuca's Referral Program by setting up an appointment for a free in person, PowerPoint type, or video overview that covers information about the company, the products, the membership and revenue sharing program.  This can all be done online at a day and time that is convenient for you.

Melaleuca legitimate work from home business

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to open a shopping account, start an at home business, or both, arrangements for a free official Overview can be requested directly from Melaleuca Head Office at The Overview includes details about the company, products, price comparisons, and compensation plan for those interested in the referral income business model.

Alternatively, the easiest way to make contact is by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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