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Melaleuca Membership, how does it work? Is it a scam?

The Truth Behind Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

How can products that cost more to manufacture, cost a customer less to purchase? Simple. bypass what causes every other manufacturer's products to increase in price by the time it reaches the customer. For example, when a popular product like Mr. Clean hits a store shelf, the price includes the cost of distribution, delivery, warehouse space, store staff, and of course, billions paid on advertising and paying the Mr. Clean man himself. A Melaleuca membership opens the door to huge savings by shopping for well over 450 high quality, high demand products, directly from the manufacturer. For 35 years, Melaleuca has eliminated everything that increases cost for the customer. Learn more <here>.

There are two ways to obtain products from the Melaleuca store. With some 100,000 new members joining per month, if no promotion is currently being offered, the most popular option is a Preferred Customer membership at only $19 for a year. A Regular Customer membership is FREE, but lacks all the perks that a Preferred Customer membership includes.


Melaleuca members have the freedom to shop according to their needs. A Melaleuca member can shop as a monthly customer (PREFERRED <- see below), or shop as few as every 2 to 6 months (REGULAR <- see below). One can switch from a PREFERRED member to REGULAR as many times as desired. The point is that a membership is extremely flexible and much more flexible than what reps from competing companies want others to believe about Melaleuca and how a membership really works. Although not complicated, each person's circumstances can determine what membership type is best. Some shop only once in a while. Others shop one, two, three or more times per month. Some are interested in generating a supplementary income by referring others to shop, while others are not. Unlike MLM companies, a person interested in working from home with Melaleuca does not buy and sell products. Melaleuca Head Office takes care of everything related to the products themselves. Information about the business can be found <here>


( Free )

Representing fewer than 1%, the Regular Customer is by far the least popular choice because it lacks all the perks that a Preferred Customer receives. The Regular Customer simply purchases what they need, when they need it, at full price. It is worth noting that even the "full price" is competitively priced with the competition.

What are the perks that move almost 100% to request a, "Preferred Customer Membership" instead of a "Regular Customer Membership"? Read on.


( $19 per year - Ask about the latest promotions )

Almost 100% choose to be a Preferred Customer, which means a "REGULAR", or "LOYAL" Customer. This membership provides all the perks. For example, a discount of 30% - 50% off regular prices, discounts at over 2,000 online retailers like, BestBuy, Home Depot, WalMart, Target, Expedia, etc...  A new Preferred Customer also receives $100 ($120 for Canadians) in Loyalty Shopping Dollars to spend on Melaleuca products.  The catch?  A Preferred Customer agrees to purchase 35 points of product (explained below) each month, but can cancel or put the account on hold at any time without penalty.  

Melaleuca Preferred Customer membership cost only $19

Melaleuca uses a POINT system in order to simplify the shopping experience of those living in different countries. Each Melaleuca product is assigned a point value. A Preferred Customer simply agrees to purchase a minimum of 35 points worth of product in a calendar month.  In American Dollars, 35 points is about $60. Note that the average American spends about $350 each month at Wal-Mart on consumable products.  In view of this, it is very easy to purchase only $60 worth of product from a selection of some 500 products, or 5,000+ points worth. These are the type of day to day products shoppers at Wal-Mart, Costco, and other local stores sell as well. The only customers who find it a challenge to purchase 35 points worth of products are those who are still shopping at local stores for products that could have been bought at Melaleuca.

A great tool that shows how easy it is to shop for 35 points of product is the handy Questionnaire Form below.  Simply identify the products planned to be purchased over the next couple of months.  Although the list only includes a fraction of what is available at the Melaleuca store, it will help a doubtful person to see how they too would benefit opening a Melaleuca shopping account.

Melaleuca Product Questionnaire

Can I just be a Customer? I don't want to "recruit / refer people"

Of course! About 90% see the obvious value of being a shopper and want nothing more, and have remain so for years. If ever they do want to refer someone, Melaleuca shows their appreciation by sending a "Thank You" check for the referral.

When people start to receive the "Thank You" checks month after month based on the referral's purchases, some decide to look into the free and optional Referral Program a little closer that Melaleuca has in place.

Visit, and for more information about the products, the company, first in the world discoveries, and much more.

How To Cancel a Melaleuca Membership

Simply let Melaleuca know. There are a number of ways that can be done. 1) By phone. 2) By email. 3) By fax, 4) By regular mail, or 5) By mobile app. Although it is rare that person finds themselves not needing to shop, the Melaleuca membership can be cancelled at anytime during a calendar month. Perhaps a person has to move to a country where Melaleuca products are not available. Perhaps a person is going away on vacation for an extended time and doesn't want packages sitting at their property. Perhaps a membership is no longer needed due to death. Whatever the reason, once Melaleuca is informed about the need membership requirements, the process is very quick, usually within a few hours or less.

The "No Risk" Guarantee

The overwhelming recommendation from those who have ever shopped at the Melaleuca store is to give it a try. Considering that every product, including the membership itself is backed by a 90 day, 100%, empty package satisfaction guarantee, the worst that can happen is ending up with 3 months worth of free product that simply replaced what would have been purchased anyways from some other local store. Of course, it would be pretty much unheard of that someone would request such a refund considering the products are of such high quality and so very reasonably priced, but the refund policy is available for those wishing to take advantage of it.  

Melaleuca Direct Customer or Preferred Customer guarantee

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to open a shopping account, start an at home business, or both, arrangements for a free official Overview can be requested directly from Melaleuca Head Office at The Overview includes details about the company, products, price comparisons, and compensation plan for those interested in the referral income business model.

Alternatively, the easiest way to make contact is by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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